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For a better understanding of Fix or Find, please enjoy a quick scroll down this page.  You will learn a bit about the program, how it works, and how I can help you decide between renovating and selling, buying, building, or downsizing. Call me any time if you have questions or if you would like to schedule a meeting.  Thank You!

Scott McGihon  

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Why Choose Fix or Find?

There are many great reasons to contact Fix or Find, and an equal number of ways that I can help.  Chances are, you need to make a decision involving real estate.  This may be a new decision, or more likely something you’ve been contemplating for months or even years with no resolution.  The reason people sit on the “fence” when making a life changing decision is from a lack of good information and an abundance of bad information, which creates fear and uncertainty.  Fix or Find erases the bad information, and gives you the missing critical good information, tools, and guidance that you need.  So let me show you the four easy steps required to get you off of the fence and moving in the right direction, because sitting on a fence doesn’t feel good!

What is your house WORTH and is it WORTH renovating or selling?

How It Works

Step #1 – Together, we will prepare a room-by-room scope of work document which will describe, in detail, the critical design changes required for you to stay in your existing home. This may include small changes like new flooring or paint throughout, or something more major like a building addition, gut renovation, or adding a suite.

Step #2 – We will request and receive cost estimates for the renovation of your existing home. At the same time, I will research new properties within your specific search criteria so that we have the data needed for the next step.

Step #3 – I get nerdy and analyze the data! You get an accurate look at the finances involved with your decisions, and you get peace of mind knowing that we’ve taken the guess work out of one of the biggest decisions of your life. Without this trusted and complete picture of what you are choosing between, you will not be able to take the most important next step with Confidence!

Step #4 – You Choose to Fix or Find, and you get off of the fence, and on with your life!

Here’s the Beautiful Part

There is NO COST to the Fix or Find program, and therefor absolutely NO RISK to you, as a consumer, to go through the four steps described above.

If you choose to Fix, I look forward to designing the changes you need through my company Archonomics. And as a Realtor® with Sutton Group West Coast Realty in Abbotsford, if you choose to Find, I know that we will have a great time navigating the current housing market, and we will locate the best possible property for you and your family, at the best price.

The beautiful part is that there is NO PRESSURE to make a decision one way or the other. Let the four steps guide your decision, and I am happy to help you as either a Custom Home Designer or as a Realtor®

Now it’s time to chat, so please give me a call to discuss your specific needs and schedule a time to meet, or let a friend know about the program who you think may benefit from my service. Thank You!


Fix or Find is based in Abbotsford, BC, so my in-person services and consultations are geared towards clients living in and around Vancouver, BC and throughout the Lower Mainland, from Whistler to Hope.  Whether you are local or from out of town, and thinking about moving to our beautiful part of the world, please do not hesitate to call, email, or submit a comment or question below and I will get back to you as soon as possible.  I look forward to talking with you.

Scott McGihon

Call – 778.242.6764  or  Email – scottmcgihon@gmail.com