Who Do You Know Who Would Be Interested?

    Please use the form below to let me know who is thinking about Selling, Buying, or Building in the near future. This could be someone from Work...or maybe from the Gym...or from School? Please only include people that live in the Vancouver (And Surrounding), B.C. Area. Include their Name, Email, Phone Number, and Address. Please give them a call or email first to get their consent, and also let them know that Scott McGihon will be following up to chat. Rest assured, I will treat your referrals with the same kindness and respect that I would use with my own family and friends. Also include Your Name, Your Email, Your Phone Number (required so I can follow up with you) If one of your referrals schedules a meeting with me, then I will deliver your $50 Reward? A Gift Card To? Donation To? Cash Card? You Name It! I will not share, sell, or distribute your, or your referral's, contact information. Thank You!

    Awesome! Can you think of 2 more, maybe one of your neighbors, or a family member?

    Almost Done! Please include the text "REFERRAL" in the subject line below, and then in the message tell me any additional information about yourself or about these referrals. And most importantly, tell me how you would like your $50 Reward in the event that one of your referrals schedules a meeting with me. Maybe a gift card to Starbucks, Home Depot, European Day Spa, a Donation? You name it, and it's yours. *Limit of $50 per person per month, so come on back next month, or tell a friend!

      Or, if you filled out one of our referral post cards and you do not want to enter the contact information above, feel free to take a photo of the post card and attach it here! Thank You!