How It Works

Step #1 – Together, we will prepare a room-by-room scope of work document which will describe, in detail, the critical design changes required for you to stay in your existing home. This may include small changes like new flooring or paint throughout, or something more major like a building addition, gut renovation, or adding a suite.

Step #2 – We will request and receive cost estimates for the renovation of your existing home. At the same time, I will research new properties within your specific search criteria so that we have the data needed for the next step.

Step #3 – I get nerdy and analyze the data! You get an accurate look at the finances involved with your decisions, and you get peace of mind knowing that we’ve taken the guess work out of one of the biggest decisions of your life. Without this trusted and complete picture of what you are choosing between, you will not be able to take the most important next step with Confidence!

Step #4 – You Choose to Fix or Find, and you get off of the fence, and on with your life!